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Capital and Trust - April 12, 2022 - 0 minute read

MHA MacIntyre Hudson, a British accountancy firm is strengthening its services in the advice market by purchasing a majority stake in wealth manager and IFA Cave & Sons. MHA MacIntyre Hudson is the largest member of MHA, the network of accountancy firms that together form the UK’s 12th largest accountancy group.

The acquisition will boost its tax, advisory and wealth services for high-net-worth (HNW) customers.

Cave & Sons, Managed by Simon Harvey, was established in 1906 and specialises in discretionary and advisory wealth management and independent financial advice. The firm will be renamed MHA Caves Wealth to reflect its ties to MHA MacIntyre Hudson. MHA Caves Wealth will continue to serve all of its existing clients while forming a core part of MHA MacIntyre Hudson’s comprehensive private wealth offering.

Simon Harvey, said: “With MHA MacIntyre Hudson’s network of offices and clients throughout the UK and the skill and experience of its private client team behind us, MHA Caves Wealth can look forward to bringing our wealth management services to clients across the country.”

Chairman of MHA MacIntyre Hudson, Rakesh Shaunak added: “From now on we can complement all our existing advisory services with the sophisticated, highly-professional, in-depth financial advice and wealth management offering that Cave & Sons is well known for.”

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MHA Macintyre Hudson Logo

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