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When to crystalise the value of your business is one the most important and challenging decisions you will face as a company owner. Trusting those working on your behalf to deliver the right sale price with the right protective terms written into the agreement is vital. Also, having someone to discuss the implications of life post any company sale.

The team are here to help you through every step and answer any queries you may have along the way. Some questions that you might want to consider will be:

  • Do you stay on?
  • Do you transition the company into the acquiring organisation?
  • Do you retire immediately?
  • What happens with your staff?
  • What do the earn out terms look like?
  • What will be expected of you and your company post deal completion to be paid my full expected sale price consideration?

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

Our Expertise

Capital and Trust are one of the leading business brokers in the UK. We are financial services specialists and have a team of lawyers, chartered accountants and tax planners to help you navigate this unfamiliar landscape.

Payment of deferred consideration is usually directly linked to client retention so you will want to understand the environment being rolled out to clients post any deal completion.

We work with many of the largest accountancy practices in the UK. They offer a range of different deal structures with valuation multiples usually being driven by either EBITDA or a multiple of revenue. Typically, we find the most important factors in determining the multiple to be profit when a deal completes, opportunity to increase the profit post deal completion – and sustainability of that profit line. Our specialist team will help you by presenting your information in a way to help you achieve the best outcome.


See what our clients have to say

Sam Motia and Capital and Trust’s service have been exceptional. They have listened to our needs, requirements and goals and delivered on the target acquisitions that we have asked for. They have assisted through the acquisition process and enabled the transactions to run smoothly from the outset. We’ve been a client for a number of years and the acquisitions that C&T have collaborated on have made a significant impact on our company.

Jamie Philip

Saltus Financial Planning Limited

When I was looking at exploring my potential options, Capital and Trust provided me with the detailed knowledge, insight and expertise of the different propositions available to me. They guided me through from beginning to end, introducing me to the buyers that not only fitted my personal needs, but the needs of my staff and most importantly the needs of our clients. They gave me support throughout the deal process and were always available if I had any questions. For anyone looking to sell their business or even buy a business, I would strongly recommend getting touch with the guys at Capital and Trust.

Craig Gibson

AGL Wealth Management Ltd

We have worked alongside Capital and Trust for several years because we have always valued their expertise and extensive connections in the sector. Our recent experience of working with them on a transaction has consolidated this view – they helped us find a buyer that was the perfect fit in terms of deal structure and company culture. Their approach was superb; the team was professional and knowledgeable, maintaining excellent lines of communication throughout. Expert negotiators, they helped us to achieve the best possible outcome. Based on our experience we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Capital and Trust, and particularly Sam Motia, to anyone considering a business move.

John Hughes

Omnium Capital Limited

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