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Capital and Trust - September 22, 2023 - 0 minute read

Wren Sterling’s growth trajectory continues with the successful completion of two acquisition deals, bolstering its assets under management (AUM) by over £400 million and expanding its clientele by approximately 1,000 individuals.

In the first transaction, Wren Sterling secured a majority stake in Stockdale Group, headquartered in Bodmin. This group comprises Stockdale & Co, a distinguished financial advisory firm, and Stockdale Asset Management, a discretionary fund management enterprise. As part of this deal, Wren Sterling welcomed 700 new clients and incorporated 12 talented staff members into its team. Furthermore, the Bodmin office is slated to serve as the firm’s new South West regional hub.

Additionally, Wren Sterling completed the acquisition of Messer & Matthews in July. This Guildford-based independent financial advisory (IFA) firm, led by the accomplished Chartered financial planner Charles Matthews, brought with it £150 million in AUM and an additional 300 clients.

Notably, the Messer & Matthews team will maintain their current location for the foreseeable future, working closely with Wren Sterling’s Oxford office under the leadership of regional director Jason McGuigan.

Commenting on these strategic moves, Wren Sterling’s Chief Executive, James Twining, remarked, “The South West region has long represented an untapped opportunity for Wren Sterling, despite its growing wealth, driven by the post-pandemic exodus from London. The timing of these acquisitions aligns perfectly with our expansion strategy, mirroring our successful ventures in the North West and Northern Ireland over the past year.”

Twining also expressed enthusiasm about the entrepreneurial spirit and loyal client base of Keith Stockdale and his team, seeing them as a solid foundation for building the Wren Sterling brand in the Devon and Cornwall area, particularly given Keith’s continued involvement in the business.

Regarding the acquisition of Messer & Matthews, Twining emphasised, “Messer & Matthews is an outstanding IFA business. Charles is a highly qualified advisor who has consistently delivered exceptional service to clients over the years. We are excited to have him join Wren Sterling, where his exemplary standards will further elevate our services.”

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