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Capital and Trust - October 24, 2023 - 0 minute read

Progeny, the expanding Chartered Financial Planner, has recently completed the acquisition of Carbon Financial Partners, a Scottish Chartered Financial Planner firm managing £600 million in assets under management (AUM). The financial details of the transaction remain undisclosed.

Carbon Financial Partners, a prominent player in Scotland, boasts a workforce of 45 employees and maintains offices in key locations including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Perth. The firm specialises in providing financial guidance to clients with intricate financial requirements, business leaders, and individuals approaching significant life milestones.

Gordon Wilson, the Managing Director of Carbon Financial Partners, emphasised the alignment of investment philosophies and values with Progeny, highlighting the importance of finding the right fit for their clients, which they believe they have successfully achieved. Based in Leeds, Progeny has been active in acquiring financial

advisory firms throughout the year, with the acquisition of Nottingham-based Fiscal Engineers in August, the financial details of which have not been disclosed. These strategic moves have propelled Progeny’s total AUM to surpass £8 billion.

In April, Progeny ventured into international territories by acquiring the Fry Group, a milestone that saw the establishment of offices in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Regarding the acquisition of Carbon Financial Partners, Progeny’s CEO, Neil Moles, emphasised their meticulous approach in selecting businesses to join the Progeny family. They adhere to stringent criteria, with a primary focus on high-quality firms that bring substantial value.

The addition of Carbon Financial Partners to Progeny’s portfolio is expected to enhance and solidify their presence in Scotland, paving the way for a collaborative effort to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

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